Thursday, September 29, 2011

Confession: I Was Sort of, Kind of, HOMESICK!

I know, I KNOW! People told me I was going to be homesick, but I didn’t believe them. I figured the city had so much to do to preoccupy my time that I wouldn’t even think of California. I was sadly mistaken. That moment eventually came when I sat there and said to myself “WTF did I do?!” Thankfully the sickness only lasted a couple days and I was right back on my feet loving life! However, I realized there are some things that I missed about my life back home. They are as followed:

1. IN-N-OUT - A "Double Double" with grilled onions, a side of fresh cut fries, and a Neapolitan shake! Shake Shack is the so called NYC equivalent and it was just NOT. We ended up giving our food to your friendly neighborhood homeless woman.

2. The Sun – I’m 98% sure I’ll be transparent by February.

3. Visa (My Car) – Although public transportation in NYC is awesome and quite convenient, sometimes you want to listen to your new J. Cole CD in your car (even if you’re sitting in traffic on the 101). Plus my feet were swollen the first week I was here. Not to mention the groping on the Subway during rush hour is like an unwanted musty game of Twister. Yuck!

4. Going Out at a Decent Hour – Because clubs close at 4am, its “uncool” to get to the club before 1am in the MORNING. I’m still baffled as to what New Yorkers are doing between the hours of 11pm & 1am.

5. My California Sunkissed Beauties! – No offence, but what is going on with some of the women out here? DO YOUR HAIR! Nicki Minaj has these young ladies frying their hair hot pink! They don’t know that’s a wig?!

6. Tank Tops – Everyone knows I love my Tank Tops, especially my DGFU ones. I learned the hard way when leaving the club and almost catching hyperthermia and frostbite!

7. Color – I’m currently sitting in Starbucks in a coral sweater. I feel out of place.

8. Runyon Canyon – Hiking the Hollywood hill was one of my favorite extracurricular activities back in LA. I would go at least 3 times a week. New York is very flat, but I found a replacement in a scenic run around Central Park.

9. Taco Tuesday! – I had to pick my jaw up off the ground when I found out nobody knew what my favorite weekly holiday was. I guess the illegal immigration crisis was actually somewhat a blessing!

10. Knowing People – I have met/reconnected with some pretty awesome people since I’ve been here, but nothing beats having lasting rapport with your friends and family you have known for years. Going out in Cali was like a weekly family reunion. I built such a large network in Southern California and I literally have to start over building a trusting group of friends out here. I know I’m off to a great start :-)

Some vids for your viewing pleasure LOL


  1. as soon as i get tie down everything out here im on the first thing smoking! with some in n out lol

  2. LA is exactly the same I'm homesick for NY. Trade ya?!