Monday, September 26, 2011

New York Fashion Week!

Twitter is an amazing tool. When I found that I booked my plane ticket on the night of Fashion’s Night Out I was furious. Fashion’s Night Out is an event major cities participate in all over the world. In a nutshell, "FNO" is a block party with amazing sales, but the highlight is the free booze you get from going from store to store a little more intoxicated. Fashion Week was immediately following and I knew it would be the perfect launch of the beginning of my New York Life. I did some research on Twitter and started following a couple magazines and editors. Soon after I woke up to a tweet announcing that I had won tickets to a celebrity designer's NYFW Show!

The Sachika Twins New York Fashion Week Show was everything you would imagine and more. The fabulous Miss Jay Alexander was sitting in the front row snickering and making obnoxious facial expressions at the few models that had a horrific walk or strutted the runway like Naomi Campbell was living through them. Socialites like NeNe Leakes, Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives: Miami, and the Basketball Wife from LA that has no edges (Idk her name and the “show” is not worth me googling). I got a chance to take a picture with Jennifer like a crazy fan, even though I can count how many times I have seen an episode of Basketball Wives on one hand. She was a great sport. I was not expecting the women to tower over me like they did in their Christian Louboutin heels, but there was something sexy about it. I could understand why the players married, divorced, flipped, and/or impregnated the cast members on their way to stardom.

The Sachika Twins
I am not a cross dresser or a drag queen so I would not purchase any of the Sachaki’s amazing upcoming line, but the show was a great time nonetheless. Between the people watching and live performances, the show definitely kept my attention the entire duration. Being from LA and working in entertainment for years, the ambiance and awe of celebrities, glitz, and glam usually does not faze me, but I was in New York City and although I this was my new home, my mind was still telling me I was on vacation. Because of this fact alone, I probably had ten times more fun. Thank you to Olive Coco Magazine for making it all possible!

Jayce Baron and Jennifer Williams of The Basketball Wives

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