Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chapter 2: NYC

Two weeks ago I decided that I needed a new start and New York City was the perfect fit for that. Two weeks later, I am here 3 days in sitting in a Brooklyn Apartment in the same neighborhood that Biggie was raised in. Not exactly a pent house in Manhattan, but it’s a start! My name is Jayce Baron and I am a California Boy to the BONE! Born and raised in the carefree land of sandy beaches and palm trees, I knew from the time I was young that even though I loved my home, eventually I needed to get away. Due to school, relationships, tries to close friends, and not to mention the gorgeous weather that cannot be beat by any state in the US, I always found a reason to stay… until now.

It dawned on me toward the conclusion of August 2011 that my chance to jump ship was quickly approaching. My lease on my cockroach infested apartment in Korea Town was coming to an end, my potential roommate had found another living situation, and I my dating life had been in a dry spell for months! I had quit my amazing job twice already, why not a third time? I know that if I were to ever come back, I still had a legitimate job in California with a company I had been with for 5 years. I kept trying to think of reasons why I should pick up and leave everything I know, but then I realized the real question was “why not?” It was a simple phone call to Virgin American to make my already paid for plane ticket one-way. So I quickly got rid of my furniture, including the first bed I ever bought for myself that had been cursed my Libras. I managed  to condense my entire life into 2 boxes, 3 bags, and backpack and found myself on a Virgin America flight to my new home.

When I arrived at JKF I was expecting a hurricane or at least a chill since my plane landed close to midnight. I was surprised as I comfortably walked to the awaiting town car in my DGFU tank pushing an overpriced rented airport cart. The car ride was silent, but I was screaming with joy inside. I did it! After the multiple times I was inches away to moving and pulled back, I finally took a leap of faith, and I was proud of myself. After bumper to bumper traffic and running over a couple curbs later I found myself parked in front of my new home in Brooklyn. Above the door read my new address: 69. How perfect! I gave my long time friend, and now roommate, Claxton, a hug and brought all my belongings inside. I was home. The next Chapter of my life was ready to be written...