Thursday, March 29, 2012

JBS Takes New York...

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for not keeping up with my blog. My hiatus commenced due to me not being in the best of spirits and having to mentally regroup. Moving across the country and being thrown into a foreign environment can take a tole on anyone; I do not know why I thought I was exempt from this. Maybe because I am a "social person" and up until now my hard work always quickly paid off. I did not want friends and family worrying about my well being and to avoid negative thoughts, other than my random ratchet punchy tweets, I kept the depths of my life pretty private.

With that said, with the change of season (literally), I am finally coming out of a cold, dark, and humbling Winter into a beautifully blossoming Spring. The passed few months have been nothing short of an emotional, financial, and traumatizing headache and roller coaster. From small things like losing my wallet on a bus (including my California Driver's License I have to fly back to replace), being legitimately warned not to talk to strangers in a social setting, wondering how I was going to pay passed due student loans, and finding love in a hopeless place, New York was trying to tear a brotha down! I wondered how I was going to survive here, and more important why was I trying to survive? My life was so much easier in Los Angeles and I was a cheap plane ticket away to sunshine, beach trips, and people who continuously expressed that missed me. Why was I dealing with the harsh winds blowing in my face to the point where I was in physical pain next to a homeless man taking a shit on the corner? As much as I wanted to throw the towel in and call it quits, with the help God, friends and family new and old, I was able to come out of one of the darkest times of my life.

Looking back I am happy that I can see all the good and life lessons that have some out of this experience. Since September I have started my very own PR company. After internships, wack jobs, and broken commitments, I decided to take yet another risk and branch off on my own. I've been working in PR and entertainment since 2007 for Bravo, Project Ethos, and other firms and gigs, but never did my own. Finding security in starting a business is a very scary thing, but I learned early on that a "9-5 job" is just not for me. The risk was well worth it and since opening, I have done my 1st paid New York City campaign and have multiple active clients. The most important lesson is that God will allow things to happen when He wants. I am one of the most impatient people on the planet and it was difficult for me to let go and let God, but I did. Been blessed ever since.

All in all, giving up my vehicle and top level apartment with an amazing view of Los Angeles to live on the floor in Biggie's neighborhood for a few months was well worth it. With the launch of  Jayce & Co PR and the relaunch of DGFU quickly approaching, I an overjoy with the 180 degree turn my life has taken. I've learned to roll with the punches and accepted help when it is offered. Being the oldest of 5 and a strong since of independence installed in my character, it was hard to finally break down and take a bite of Humble Pie. I'm not there yet, but God is opening the right doors for me to make it to the top. I love my new friends and family and cannot wait to see what else The City has to offer JBS.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Confession: I Was Sort of, Kind of, HOMESICK!

I know, I KNOW! People told me I was going to be homesick, but I didn’t believe them. I figured the city had so much to do to preoccupy my time that I wouldn’t even think of California. I was sadly mistaken. That moment eventually came when I sat there and said to myself “WTF did I do?!” Thankfully the sickness only lasted a couple days and I was right back on my feet loving life! However, I realized there are some things that I missed about my life back home. They are as followed:

1. IN-N-OUT - A "Double Double" with grilled onions, a side of fresh cut fries, and a Neapolitan shake! Shake Shack is the so called NYC equivalent and it was just NOT. We ended up giving our food to your friendly neighborhood homeless woman.

2. The Sun – I’m 98% sure I’ll be transparent by February.

3. Visa (My Car) – Although public transportation in NYC is awesome and quite convenient, sometimes you want to listen to your new J. Cole CD in your car (even if you’re sitting in traffic on the 101). Plus my feet were swollen the first week I was here. Not to mention the groping on the Subway during rush hour is like an unwanted musty game of Twister. Yuck!

4. Going Out at a Decent Hour – Because clubs close at 4am, its “uncool” to get to the club before 1am in the MORNING. I’m still baffled as to what New Yorkers are doing between the hours of 11pm & 1am.

5. My California Sunkissed Beauties! – No offence, but what is going on with some of the women out here? DO YOUR HAIR! Nicki Minaj has these young ladies frying their hair hot pink! They don’t know that’s a wig?!

6. Tank Tops – Everyone knows I love my Tank Tops, especially my DGFU ones. I learned the hard way when leaving the club and almost catching hyperthermia and frostbite!

7. Color – I’m currently sitting in Starbucks in a coral sweater. I feel out of place.

8. Runyon Canyon – Hiking the Hollywood hill was one of my favorite extracurricular activities back in LA. I would go at least 3 times a week. New York is very flat, but I found a replacement in a scenic run around Central Park.

9. Taco Tuesday! – I had to pick my jaw up off the ground when I found out nobody knew what my favorite weekly holiday was. I guess the illegal immigration crisis was actually somewhat a blessing!

10. Knowing People – I have met/reconnected with some pretty awesome people since I’ve been here, but nothing beats having lasting rapport with your friends and family you have known for years. Going out in Cali was like a weekly family reunion. I built such a large network in Southern California and I literally have to start over building a trusting group of friends out here. I know I’m off to a great start :-)

Some vids for your viewing pleasure LOL

Monday, September 26, 2011

New York Fashion Week!

Twitter is an amazing tool. When I found that I booked my plane ticket on the night of Fashion’s Night Out I was furious. Fashion’s Night Out is an event major cities participate in all over the world. In a nutshell, "FNO" is a block party with amazing sales, but the highlight is the free booze you get from going from store to store a little more intoxicated. Fashion Week was immediately following and I knew it would be the perfect launch of the beginning of my New York Life. I did some research on Twitter and started following a couple magazines and editors. Soon after I woke up to a tweet announcing that I had won tickets to a celebrity designer's NYFW Show!

The Sachika Twins New York Fashion Week Show was everything you would imagine and more. The fabulous Miss Jay Alexander was sitting in the front row snickering and making obnoxious facial expressions at the few models that had a horrific walk or strutted the runway like Naomi Campbell was living through them. Socialites like NeNe Leakes, Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives: Miami, and the Basketball Wife from LA that has no edges (Idk her name and the “show” is not worth me googling). I got a chance to take a picture with Jennifer like a crazy fan, even though I can count how many times I have seen an episode of Basketball Wives on one hand. She was a great sport. I was not expecting the women to tower over me like they did in their Christian Louboutin heels, but there was something sexy about it. I could understand why the players married, divorced, flipped, and/or impregnated the cast members on their way to stardom.

The Sachika Twins
I am not a cross dresser or a drag queen so I would not purchase any of the Sachaki’s amazing upcoming line, but the show was a great time nonetheless. Between the people watching and live performances, the show definitely kept my attention the entire duration. Being from LA and working in entertainment for years, the ambiance and awe of celebrities, glitz, and glam usually does not faze me, but I was in New York City and although I this was my new home, my mind was still telling me I was on vacation. Because of this fact alone, I probably had ten times more fun. Thank you to Olive Coco Magazine for making it all possible!

Jayce Baron and Jennifer Williams of The Basketball Wives

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chapter 2: NYC

Two weeks ago I decided that I needed a new start and New York City was the perfect fit for that. Two weeks later, I am here 3 days in sitting in a Brooklyn Apartment in the same neighborhood that Biggie was raised in. Not exactly a pent house in Manhattan, but it’s a start! My name is Jayce Baron and I am a California Boy to the BONE! Born and raised in the carefree land of sandy beaches and palm trees, I knew from the time I was young that even though I loved my home, eventually I needed to get away. Due to school, relationships, tries to close friends, and not to mention the gorgeous weather that cannot be beat by any state in the US, I always found a reason to stay… until now.

It dawned on me toward the conclusion of August 2011 that my chance to jump ship was quickly approaching. My lease on my cockroach infested apartment in Korea Town was coming to an end, my potential roommate had found another living situation, and I my dating life had been in a dry spell for months! I had quit my amazing job twice already, why not a third time? I know that if I were to ever come back, I still had a legitimate job in California with a company I had been with for 5 years. I kept trying to think of reasons why I should pick up and leave everything I know, but then I realized the real question was “why not?” It was a simple phone call to Virgin American to make my already paid for plane ticket one-way. So I quickly got rid of my furniture, including the first bed I ever bought for myself that had been cursed my Libras. I managed  to condense my entire life into 2 boxes, 3 bags, and backpack and found myself on a Virgin America flight to my new home.

When I arrived at JKF I was expecting a hurricane or at least a chill since my plane landed close to midnight. I was surprised as I comfortably walked to the awaiting town car in my DGFU tank pushing an overpriced rented airport cart. The car ride was silent, but I was screaming with joy inside. I did it! After the multiple times I was inches away to moving and pulled back, I finally took a leap of faith, and I was proud of myself. After bumper to bumper traffic and running over a couple curbs later I found myself parked in front of my new home in Brooklyn. Above the door read my new address: 69. How perfect! I gave my long time friend, and now roommate, Claxton, a hug and brought all my belongings inside. I was home. The next Chapter of my life was ready to be written...